Author: Robert Lee

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back When There’s Another Man Involved

It is considered to be very difficult to get a girl back if she has already started seeing someone else. Actually, it seems to be a task of impossible proportions. Can anyone really tell you how to get your ex girlfriend back if she’s with another guy now?

how to get your ex girlfriend backImpossible though it seems, you can give it a try. It actually depends on how long you have been with her. Certainly, if you are missing her that bad, you have been with her for a long time. That is one point that could work in your favor. Over the months of your relationship, she must have developed some strong feelings for you. That could help you in winning her back.

Remember that it is after all her choice. She is entitled to decide who she eventually wants to be with. All you can do is to make her feel that you still care and feel deeply for her. But you should not cross the line at any point. One wrong move and you could lose her forever.

Do you know the man she’s going out with? If not, try to find more. What is she getting with that man that you did not give? This could be anything, from a very considerate companionship to good sex. If you can find out about that, you will be in a better position personally. But remember; do not open out these issues when you confront her. That could be devastating.

Okay, now you are equipped with the right kind of information. Now you have to make your move. Muster your courage and communicate with her. Call her up. If she has walked out of her own will, she will take the call. If you fought with her and removed her, you will have to try harder now. When she begins talking with you, speak of casual things. Do not become mushy right at the start. Just speak as a friend. Ask her how her life is going. She might hang up, she might not. Either way, you will get an indication of whether she’s happy with the way things are happening or not.

Most probably, she’ll ask you how you are doing. This is your cue. Tell her you would like a date with her again. Her answer will tell you how difficult the situation is. But you have to do this. Or else, you will never be able to find out whether she still cares for you or not. In most cases, the girl might be waiting for you to call, or might just be teasing you with the other man. When you take the first step like this, you will know what the right position is.

It is going to be very, very difficult. No one can tell you how to get your ex girlfriend back when she is dating someone else. But you have to make the effort. And in all this, you have to make completely sure you are not being unjust or unfair to the other chap. If things work out your way, all three of you must sort everything out.How to effortlessly make your ex-girlfriend get your ex girlfriend back want to come back to you.

Unlock Her Legs – Definitely Not What I Expected It to Be

Every time my friends and I went out, they had someone to bring home and I hadn’t. Not so surprising at first but it was becoming more often that I got a bit concerned.

One of my friends even made fun of me, burst out laughing and said, “Hey, William! When’s the last time you got laid?” I came to a point where I got jealous of my friends that I didn’t even want to show up.

I do flirt with women I find interesting but never get the chance to bring them home or go out with them.

Maybe, they aren’t just interested at all. But this got me thinking, why aren’t they interested? Hell no, I’m not ugly! But, seriously?

I came across this program called Unlock Her Legs the scrambler and got curious about it because of its interesting name. And because I was so desperate to get laid, I was willing to try anything so I got my hands on it.

Unlock Her Legs – What It Is About

This system is a guide created by Bobby Rio and Rob Judge to help men get the girl they desire. The simple yet ridiculously effective techniques they teach will have any girl begging for your attention and love in no time!

However, these techniques must be done according to the specified sequence to make sure it works the way it is designed to.

Did It Give Me Power to Unlock Her Legs?

I never thought that there was a way to get into women’s minds and make them chase after guys just like that. It seemed too good to be true, but, when I used it for the first time I got a girl interested in me that she even asked me for my number.

I couldn’t believe it myself so I tried using the techniques I’ve learned more often. The technique that involves retreating long enough to stir a girl up creating an enormous sense of anticipation really helped me get a girl interested – and finally bring home a cute chick I met at a friend’s party and scored!

Thanks to the genius creators I knew what I was doing wrong and changed them with these techniques.

Unlock Her Legs – The Scrambler

The Scrambler is the system’s powerful secret that got any girl begging me to make love with her. It incredibly worked for me! I learned how to plant tiny seeds in a woman’s head even through text messages that kept her thinking about me and obsessed with me.

I knew I didn’t stand a single chance with any of the girls I asked out until I used this and finally brought home a number of hot ladies.

How Much Does It Cost to Unlock Her Legs?

This program costs a lot less than the perfume you think of using to impress the girl you met at your sister’s wedding. I spent $79 on it and with techniques that made any girl literally wanting me I certainly did get my money’s worth.

Where to Get Unlock Her Legs

Bobby now offers the complete training plus bonuses such as the Invisible Escalation video and The Boyfriend Destroyer Sequence. With a full 60-day guarantee offer, you get 100% of your money back if you don’t get any results at all.

Why wait for months or years for the girl you’re asking out to finally say yes when there is a way of making her obsessed with you? Grab the complete training now and make use of these full proof techniques and be amazed with how fast you can get a woman into bed or even make her fall in love with you.

Tao of Badass Review – What You Must Know

Looking at my bold nature, anyone will quickly conclude I will not have any challenge in wooing a woman successfully. In fact, even my attractive six-pack physique and striking facial looks are not able to remedy my situation when it comes to making a woman fall for me.

None of my male pals tend to believe me when I narrate my pitiable ordeal in trying to woo a woman. My closest friend Ted is the only one I was able to open up to.

He had even tried to lecture me on dating tactics several times to no avail.

The last incident that put me up on my feet to seek lasting solution is when I lost a girl I thought I was close to winning her heart.

The most annoying part is that I lost her to a stark plain and unattractive guy next door!

It was while I was ransacking the entire web for best dating and wooing guides that I stumbled on Tao of Badass. If you’ve been struggling to win the love of a woman, this dating guide is a must-read for you!

tao of badass review

So, What is the Tao of Badass All About?

I must first warn you that this is not a review to sell a product, but to help you experience the same success I now enjoy in wooing even the most hard-to-get woman effortlessly.

When I first noticed the Tao of Badass dating system, my main concern was to research the author, to know if the book will be worth my money and time.

On a closer look, I discovered that the author, Joshua Pellicer, is a worldwide renowned dating coach who also was once a bad ‘wooer’, failing every now and then in trying to get a woman’s attention before he discovered the successful secrets shared in this dating system.

The book is a first-of-its-kind approach to attracting and dating women.

Unlike most dating guides that merely encourage and teach jerks how to woo and take just any woman to bed, this dating system provides amazing insights on how to deal with the common dating mistakes and challenges that most men encounter.

It is through this book that I learnt that my greatest problem in wooing a woman successfully is body language. And believe me, right now, my body language is my strongest point (beyond my attractive looks) in making myself irresistible to a woman.

I will be forever grateful that I stumbled on this unique dating guide.

In a nutshell, here are the striking features of the Tao of Badass dating course that turned my dating story around:

• Being original when engaging a woman – be yourself
• Be creatively humorous – a highly winning tactic
• Add some touch of mystery – this is a great way to make a woman longing to know more about you
• Be engaging, but not talkative
• Develop the winning mindset for attracting a woman
• Learn tips for becoming the mUse the right body languages
• …and much more

There’s no way I can unveil all that this unique dating guide has to offer in this short review.

Believe me, this 152 pages best-selling ebook guide (divided into 10 modules) is a must-read for any man who wants to master the act of attracting and winning a woman’s love.

You will also love the audio files of this system where the author himself reads out the content of the book.

Even if you think you are an expert woman chaser, you will definitely feel like an amateur after reading the Tao of Badass.

Do you remember my friend Fred who took to lecturing me on wooing and dating? He felt the same way after reading just the first two modules.

Is it All Positive About this Dating System?

Honestly, the only thing that may be a downside for some people is the length (150 pages) of the book. For me, it is like reading a love-inspiring novel, so I have no problem with the length. I also noticed you need a higher version of browsers for faster downloading.

The Cost

I paid $67 for Tao of Badass. But right now, there’s 30% discount. However, the offer is limited. Purchase comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Final Verdict

I don’t regret investing in this special dating guide, and I bet you won’t regret it either.

Magnetic Messaging Review. Bobby Rio’s Texting Bible

Before coming across Magnetic Messaging system created by Bobby Rio and Bob Judge, I’ve always wondered why lots of women I was closed to making mine suddenly lose interest and vanished into thin air without any prior notice.

In fact, on one of these occasions, I even spent an incredible evening together with Jenny, and we felt connected as though we’ve known each other for ages.

We even agreed to go out on a date again the following day. But to my utmost dismay, Jennifer vanished till this moment. What surprised me most is that the guys that my former dates usually end up with are not as attractive as I am!

This got me thinking seriously; and I realized I obviously need more than good looks to attract and keep a woman.

Thankfully, the magnetic messaging system helped to uncover my dating loopholes – the rest is now history. The bottom line is, targeted messaging can help enhance your wooing and dating skills.

Magnetic Messaging review video

How Will Magnetic Messaging Enhanced My Relationship Skills?

One of the most valuable lessons I learnt from the Magnetic Messaging system is how to engage texting potentials properly, instead of using it to just stay in touch in-between dates.

Also, I discovered that I have been making huge mistakes all along, sounding so dry with text messages such as “What are you doing right now?”, “What’s up?”, “see you soon”, “u 8 yet?” How can a guy ever register his image in a girl’s mind with such boring and off-putting messages?

Worst still, the three most critical TEXTING ERRORS (my major pitfalls all along) that the system opened my eyes to are:

• Coming on too strong and appearing needy – this will only result in fatality!

• Trying to be who you are not – fake personality is even more catastrophic!

• Lacking humor – no woman wants to be around a guy who is rather too serious!

In a nutshell, this amazing dating texting system uses what it calls “The Keylock Sequence” to reveal how a man can make any woman to keep longing for him.

How Much Does the System Cost?

First, to avoid Magnetic Messaging scam, ensure that you purchase from the official website This 200-page inspiring dating texting system costs $47.

In my candid opinion, the guide is great value for its money worth, plus it comes with 60-day money back guarantee.

Is There Something to Frown At in the Magnetic Messaging System?

While I enjoyed and benefited tremendously from this system, I was longing for more in part three. But I was a bit disappointed to find the content relatively thin.

Well, I later discovered it is deliberate since less content is needed in this section of maintaining a relationship. But overall, the system has my 4.8/5 (approximately 5 stars) stars.

My Final Verdict on Magnetic Messaging

I will summarize my verdict in this Magnetic Messaging review as follows:

Effectiveness: The system is results-oriented. The case studies are so real and very effective when I practised them.

Ease of Use: Even a novice can use this system to achieve success in dating, although a minute part of the book sounds rather advanced.

Speed of Result:
If you truly read through and follow the tactics rigorously, you will get instant result!

Value for Money: The system is definitely worth every dime you invest on it.

On a final note, the Magnetic Messaging system by Bobby Rio and Bob Judge is a classic and results-oriented dating guide that guarantees success. I love it when a product comes with a money back guarantee – it’s a sort of proof-seal that the product will deliver results without fail.